RoB Rise of Babel Taunt Back (Classic)

The ultimate Taunt Pack for Rise of Nations

_FSF_[NL]Fedomar has gathered the best taunts from the whole of the Rise of Nations community and compiled them to one package.

The result is the most complete Taunt experience you will encounter in Rise of Legends. A total of 999 taunts are waiting to be explored by you. Convenient as it can be, the taunts come with a neat installer that will basically do all the work for you.

RoB is the quasi standard in RoN - make sure to not miss it.

Compatible with RoN: T&P as well as Vanilla

Note: This is the classic version for the Rise of Nations that cam on CD / DVD. If you are using Rise of Nations Extenden Edition from Steam you need the updated version which you can find here.

RoB Taunt Pack
Uploader _FSF_Zornmeister
Date 13.07.2007 - 9.25
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